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Improve is a creative web agency
with the passion to help companies grow their business

We started our web and design agency “IMPROVE” when moving to Spain in the summer of 2014. Our passion is to help companies attract customers through professional and efficient design. This covers web design and production, visual identity, print material, marketing and strategy, all which are important factors affecting people’s decision-making.

We come from Sweden, a country regarded as forerunners in design, being home of companies such as H&M and IKEA. Swedish or Scandinavian Design developed already in the fifties and is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. These characteristics shine through in our work at IMPROVE.

Working and living in Sweden we pretty much took webpages and online presence for granted. We loved the easiness to find restaurants, their menus and booking tables online, shopping clothes with the push of a button and getting all necessary information from organizations on the web. Comparing businesses by the look of their webpage and visual identity was part of everyday life. This trend has come as a result of the Internet being used by 95% of the population. Everybody is online and they all want to look their best! When analyzing the numbers, Spain is heading the exact same way. Many companies are adapting to the changes. Exciting of course, but are you one of those companies?

Remember, attractive design generates business!

Emelie & Marcus

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